Custom Built Computers

A computer built just for you

Eventually a time comes when your old (and sometimes not so old) computer just is not worth putting any more money into. When you need to replace your old or unreliable computer, I will gladly build the perfect system for your needs and budget. I build each Custom Computer to each of my client's specifications and budgets (and ultimately to their needs and desires).

If you are interested in my custom built computer services, I will gladly put together a personalized parts list and quote for you to consider. To initiate your request please email me at (or use the "Contact us" page) with your contact information, the following questions answered, and any further information you feel would be helpful:

  • What is your approximate budget for this Custom Computer?
  • Do you have any specific hardware requirements/desires?
  • What game(s), if any, do you plan on playing (current and future games)?
  • What software do you plan on using?
  • Do you need  wifi?
  • Do you need a memory card reader?
  • Do you need an optical drive (CD/DVD/BluRay)?
  • The more information you can provide the better

With this information I will be able to put together an all inclusive parts list and quote for your consideration that will include the very best hardware you can get for the price along with the best local crafstamship.

Your initial quote is absolutely free, but please keep in mind that additional fees may apply if you need additional quotes and/or consulting.

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