Frequently Asked Questions

Other than the recently added "Shop" section of my website which includes a limited selection of parts available to order, I generally do not carry much if any stock of standard computer parts or accessories for sale. Working from home has its pros and cons, and unfortunately due to this fact, I do not currently carry much (if any) sort of inventory for sale.

I would recommend checking places like Central Computers on Howard Street, any Best Buy or Fry's Electronics for wide selections of off the shelf parts and accessories. Newegg.com and Amazon are also great online sources for the parts or accessories you may be looking for.

Yes! If it is a computer, we'll work on it! Windows, OSX, and Linux all supported.


Due to the unpredictable nature of electronics in general, it is next to impossible to provide an accurate quote without first having a chance to inspect and/or diagnose the device in question. Roughly speaking our standard drop-off labor rates range from $85 to $170, and all on-site labor is $85 per hour. For drop-offs: If it looks like your repair will require replacement parts and/or our labor rate will be over the initial $85 rate, we will always call you with a quote which you may decide on from there. For those who only need diagnostics, our diagnostics only rate is $50 for drop-offs (hourly rate still applies for all on-site labor).
Again, due to the unpredictable nature of electronics in general, it is next to impossible to provide an accurate time estimate. Although we do our best to work quickly and get back to you sooner, we generally ask for 24 hours before you call to check in on your repair. If for any reason you have not heard from us after having dropped your device off more than 24 hours ago, please feel free to call and check in on the status of your repair/diagnosis.
No. Anything brought in to us to work on is expected to be dropped off with us. Diagnostics can take several hours and in some rare cases days. To be able to thoroughly and properly diagnose and repair your devices, we need the time to focus on inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing your devices. We always do our best to keep our clients informed of any issues or delays while working as efficiently as possible without sacrificing the quality of our services.
Absolutely! Just give us a call or book your appointment instantly from our  Appointments  portal.
While our printer has a print volume of a cubic foot (1ft 3  = 12in x 12in x 12in = 305mm x 305mm x 305mm), it is always best to minimize the footprint of your designs whenever possible. That being said, we can print some pretty large objects within that cubic foot print volume!
We are currently asking for 3 days lead time, and can sometimes get smaller objects done sooner.