Remote Help Desk

Fix it over the Internet

Many software related problems can be solved without ever having to take your computer anywhere. Most email related issues and some virus infections can be repaired via Remote Help Desk. Basically, if you can still access this web site, then there is a chance I can fix your problem remotely. If an issue cannot be repaired remotely, you will not be charged for the time spent troubleshooting.

Step 1: Call or initiate a chat with me

Give me a call at . Or, if I am available via chat, a button that says "Have a Question? Chat with me now," will appear at the bottom right hand corner of this window which can be clicked on to initiate a chat with me. If you cannot get a hold of me right away, please feel free to book a Remote Support appointment using the "booknow" button below.

Step 2: Download and run the CC&R Remote Help Desk App

Click here to download "ccandrsf.exe". If asked to "Run" or "Save" the file, please select "Run." In some cases I may ask you to click here to download an alternative. Mac users please click here.

If you are not given the option to "Run", then save the file to your "Desktop" if possible (otherwise you will need to locate where the file was saved). Once saved, locate "ccandrsf.exe" (on your "Desktop" or eslewhere) and double-click on it.

Some web browsers may warn you that the file could be malicious; We assure you the file is completely safe and free of malicious content. Windows may also ask you to allow the program to run or allow the application to access the internet; Make sure to allow any of these or similar dialogues relating to "ccandrsf.exe"

You should now see the "Custom Computers & Repairs Remote Help Desk" window pop up. Here you may enter a password that you are willing to share with me. After entering and telling me the password you chose, go ahead and hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard, or click "OK."

If your firewall trys to block access from "PcHelpwareV2 Server," then make sure to click "Allow access."

Finally I should be able to connect to your computer, and when you see the "PCHelpWare Info" window pop up, make sure to click "Yes" to start your remote support session.

In some cases if the CC&R Remote Help Desk App fails, I may ask you to click here to try an alternative.

Step 3: Follow instructions and watch in amazement!

By this point I should be speaking with you on the phone and instructing you through the process. Sit back, relax, and watch as I diagnose and repair your software issues.