SSD Stackers 7mm (set of 4)

SSD Stackers 7mm (set of 4)

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Infinitely Stackable Design!

I designed SSD Stackers to allow for stacking and mounting of two or more 2.5" drives (SSD or HDD) together, so they can then be mounted in desktop computer cases that have mounting holes for only a single drive (where there is still clearance for two 2.5" drives).

These are custom 3D printed to order, so please choose a color before placing your order, otherwise you will get the default "translucent neutral" colored stackers. Sold in sets of four (4) pieces, so you can start by stacking two drives together, order additional sets for more stacking!

NOTE: 7mm size shipped by default. Please email me if you need 9mm size shipped. Photos show 9mm sized stackers.

PRO TIP: Always start by mounting your top drive from the bottom, and stack from there.


$3.00 per set for orders of two (2) sets or more

$2.00 per set for orders of ten (10) sets or more

As seen on Thingiverse: Thing #582781

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